/ Gentoo Linux on win32

Gentoo/win32 Status Report

known working packages: semi-official List
  • test new portage merge/unmerge functionality
  • create fixed ebuilds for "system" packages
  • create ebuilds for packages that are known to build in cygwin
  • show the debian guys how a proper port is done ;-)
(There is a debian-win32 effort going on since 2001 ... Their progress has almost frozen in 2001. This is a chance to demonstrate the superiority of Gentoo :-) )

Things that work:
  • emerge fetch functionality (100%)
  • emerge sync functionality (100%)
  • emerge merge functionality (95%)(needs testing)

Packages that work without modification:
  • sys-devel/libtool
  • sys-devel/patch
  • sys-apps/texinfo
  • groff
  • less
  • dialog
  • mirrorselect
  • ufed
  • cronbase
  • yacc
  • flex
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • cpio
  • nano (patched ebuild)
  • gzip (patched ebuild)
  • distcc
  • wget
  • miscfiles
  • man-pages
  • gcc (bootstrap completed)(standalone build completed)
  • gentoolkit
  • help2man
  • addpatches

Things that don't work:
  • emerge unmerge (untested)
  • most ebuilds won't compile directly
  • errors produce a messagewindow instead of printing to the console (unfixable?)
  • Starting/Stoping deamons depends on runscript which doesn't work yet

Packages that don't work:
  • sys-devel/gettext (uses -ldl somewhere, is integrated in cygwin *sigh*)
  • python
  • m4
  • db-1.85
  • ncurses (manual compile works)
  • bison (strangebug)
  • perl (ebuild has linux-specific conventions)
  • freetype
  • xfree
  • make
  • sed (patched)(installs but disappears??)
  • emacs (?)
  • gcc-config (glibc-dependant?)
  • bash (endless loop in configure)
  • diffutils
  • expat
  • debianutils
  • cracklib
  • slocate
  • pkgconfig
  • grep
  • net-tools (Linux-specific)
  • sh-utils (header files not found)
  • gcc (doesn't finish compile)
  • jpeg
  • tcl
  • textutils
  • findutils
  • xosview (has not been ported)

Since many packages depend on glibc this will require some effort. There seem to be some proof-of-concept ports of glibc, but nothing stable or halfway complete. Cygwin has some of the needed functions, but not with the desired parameters / header files /... If you find a way to modify an ebuild so that it succesfully compiles, please send me your modifications.
Things that almost work:
  • during merge dobin,doexe and strip throw non-critical errors
  • during merge: sometimes extra whitespace gets printed
  • unknown references to einfo and eend - anybody? Where are they defined?
Right now Gentoo/win32 is quite useless, but as soon as a "cygwin" platform definition is created most ebuilds can be adapted.I consider it late alpha at this stage.

As soon as all packages in "system" and all dependencies of "xfree" compile I will raise this to Beta status.

As soon as the Gentoo Gurus accept our new platform definition in the main portage tree I will use the normal Gentoo release numbers. (so this would be 1.4rc4)

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