The inofficial Glibc Cygwin port effort

Since most Linux programs depend on glibc it would be very advantageous to port the whole glibc to Cygwin so that Gentoo/Cygwin could use that functionality directly. At the moment this is not possible.
Some of the obstacles found:
  1. /stdlib/errno.h does not include specific errnos
  2. /sysdeps/i386/fpu/s_finite.S : can't resolve .text
The last one is a real showstopper since I do not yet know GCC Assembler Syntax.

Basic patch instructions:
Copy /sysdeps/i386/* to /sysdeps/cygwin
edit /sysdeps/cygwin/bits/errno.h:
remove all lines beginnig with #error and add/change the following lines:

# define EDOM 33
# define EILSEQ 138
# define ERANGE 34
#ifdef _ERRNO_H
# define EBADF 9
# define EINVAL 22
# define E2BIG 7
# define ENOMSG 35


If you have any comments, ideas or patches, please tell me:
(bonsaikitten at web dot de)