The Gentoo on Cygwin Developers

bonsaikitten is the crazy guy who started this project. He is a student of Computer Science (Informatik) at the University of Technology Aachen, Germany. He proudly carries the title of "Gentoo Linux Developer and Cygwin Port Project Manager" since his ego needed a boost.

toso lives next door to bonsaikitten. He has tried to use Linux a few times, but the steep learning curve always brought him back to Windows. After about a week he starts cursing at the arbitrary limitations of Windows and the cycle starts anew ...
He has become "Gentoo/Cygwin Quality Assurance" and is currently testing and improving the installation procedure. He also donated the webspace for this project.

holger Schroeder (sometimes abbreviated as Holgis) is working with the KDE-Cygwin project and has implemented almost everything bonsaikitten did without knowing it. His "Path normalization" Code works quite well and has already been assimilated.

prot is doing some testing and ebuild integration. His hardware collection includes a gentooified iBook, and he tries to choose the right tool for the right job. But multibooting can be quite tedious, so he volunteered to help this project.

Ronald van den Blink helped in Gentooifying the layout of the website.

Stuart Turner is doing some integration testing and uncovers many annoying bugs.

Some patches by Gentoo-Forum user zhenlin.
Feel free to join.
(bonsaikitten at web dot de)

This website created by bonsaikitten at web dot de Some patches by Gentoo-Forum user zhenlin. Webspace donated by toso-digitals.