Cygwin is a GPL'ed implementation of a UNIX API in Windows. Gentoo is a software metadistribution. Here, they get mangled into something ... different! :-)

News (17 January 2003):

tux The aux_get() errors are an artifact of Python 2.3. So, at the moment, Python 2.2 needs to be manually installed. D'Oh.
Rsync still doesn't work, I've manually copied the whole portage tree from my linux machine. Seems to be a naming / replacing issue.

I hope that I can get a basic installation up and running, then I can create a compressed archive from it. Not elegant, but Cygwin is so annoying right now ...
(Sorry Cygwin guys, you've done a good job, but somehow you forgot package managment ...)

News (10 January 2003):

tux Cygwin is giving me a headache. I installed Python 2.2 manually, Portage works. But emerge sync is very unstable and never finishes.
Even installing rsync 2.6.0 manually doesn't help much.
So at the moment nothing really works :-(

Btw, the design of this website is a bit mangled. The spacing has been broken in a few places. /me feels very hackish.

News (03 January 2004):

tux The website has not been updated in a while. Sorry.
My development machine has been stripped for parts a few times. It's rebuilt, and I hope it stays in one piece :-)
CVS is still b0rked, but I'm working on it.

Newsflash (18 December 2003):

tux Some of the things that happened in the last days:
  • Sourcefoge CVS is active (but still messed up. Sorry 'bout that)
  • I have evaluated the usefullness of UMLwin32 and LINE. Cygwin is still the most useful tool.
  • My Development machine is complete. It had been stripped because I needed some parts, but now (I hope) it stays in one piece
  • Some bugs have resurfaced after the Python 2.3 breakage. Portage update should be available soon as it is totally b0rked right now.

Newsflash (04 October 2003):

tux A new version of Cygtoo ... ahh ... Genwin ... you know, that thingy :-)
A new version fixing Python breakage is available. The nice Cygwin folks upgraded to python 2.3.

Newsflash (15 august 2003):

tux Sourceforge Project Gentoo/Cygwin has been opened.
Gentoo-cygwin mailinglist has been opened.
Feel free to report bugs on both!

Newsflash (08 august 2003):

tux A new version of portage-cygwin is now available, it replaces the older version. You can find it in the download section.


#Newsflash (20 july 2003):

tux I have merged my efforts with holgis source. *praises holgis*
WARNING: Major borkage! Right now portage chokes on some errors. The lesson to learn is, "always do regression testing."
Please wait for an update before installing!


Newsflash (18 july 2003):

tux The last days have brought only little visible progress. I am still working on the merge/unmerge bugs, they are total showstoppers :-(
The kde-cygwin project has also begun a gentoo port effort.
It seems quite complete, but I have not yet tested it.
And thanks to all who helped with good wishes, code snippets and bugreports!


Newsflash (9 july 2003):


The Website was Gentooified by Ronald van den Blink and toso. We now look almost as good as the real Gentoo website (although we still use HTML :-( ).


Newsflash (7 july 2003):


Gentoo/Cygwin has been officially announced in the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter today!

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