Due to changes in portage-cygwin no package can be installed at the moment. add KEYWORDS="cygwin" to any ebuild you want to test / install.
A reduced portage tree with fixed ebuilds is work in progress.
To use standard linux-packages change ARCH="cygwin" to ARCH="x86" in /etc/make.profile/make.defaults
We apologize for any inconveniene.

Right now there is only this small Howto available. It's basically a collection of steps I did to get Portage working. They should lead to a "working" installation of portage. If you find any omissions, errors or bugs feel free to contact me (gentoo at toso-digitals dot de)


  • Any Version of Windows(NT based). 2000 preferred. 9x unsupported
  • Cygwin base installation
    • +automake/autoconf
    • +gcc
    • +make
    • +python
    • +rsync
    • +wget
    • recommended: an editor (nano,vi,mc)
  • (cygwin complete install [~200MB] recommended for testing)
  • portage-cygwin

some hints for the cygwin installation


The necessary downloads are quite large.
cygwin: 25-250MB
emerge sync: ~100MB
gentoo packages: 50-1000MB
You have been warned. :-)

I hope this is complete - if you find any missing dependencies, please let me know This is still evolving, so please check for updates if you have problems during installation.

Step-by-Step installation:
  • workaround: start cygwin once and exit so that the /home directory gets created
  • download and extract portage-cygwin, preferably to the cygwin "home" directory
  • start cygwin. The rest of the instructions should be done inside the cygwin bash shell.
  • cd {portage-cygwin} (where {portage-cygwin} is the directory whereto you extracted the .zip file
  • ./
  • (optional)edit /etc/make.conf: add line "SYNC="rsync://" (Please look at the official Gentoo documentation for precise information)
  • emerge sync
  • emerge -i sys-apps/baselayout-
  • emerge -i sys-libs/glibc-2.3.1
  • download ebuilds and extract to /usr/portage-cyg
  • emerge system

Right now almost no programs have functional ebuilds. Any contributions are appreciated. Since merge seems to be working testing may begin.

A script for building ebuilds from cygwin-packages is available. It should work, but it's not yet well documented :-(

If you see an "I am confused" error, that's an incomplete patch. It'll be removed soon, don't worry.

The install-script is quite new and untested. Go find some bugs :-)
emerge system does not (yet) complete. Any updated ebuilds will be posted. Every bit of help is appreciated.
New experimental functionality: ARCH="cygwin" in /etc/make.profile/. This breaks all ebuilds without KEYWORD="cygwin".
At the moment ebuild digest generation has some weird problems. Hmmm.

  • emerge unmerge does not work reliable
  • glibc is not available in cygwin, but most programs depend on it.
  • if some packages have been merged, emerge -e system will not complete since it tries to use unmerge functionality.

I hope this outline is good enough, it is not yet complete and has not yet been extensively tested
For /etc/passwd and user managment, please read:
Many packages in "emerge system" don't work (yet). Any feedback is welcome, but we will need a centralized ebuild repository since many packages would compile if the ebuilds didn't assume Linux-specific dependencies.
Patrick Lauer - bonsaikitten at web dot de

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