Sat Oct 4 by bonsaikitten

  • fixed breakage due to cygwin update to python 2.3
  • reinstalled windows due to a motherboard change ...
  • reinstalled once more because I changed the board one more time
  • reinstalled because windows refused to delete all files from the old installation
  • reinstalled because network was broken
  • maybe I should reinstall because it's fun?

Fri Aug 08 by bonsaikitten/toso

  • bugfixed version of portage-cygwin is now available and can be found in the download section

Sun Jul 27 by bonsaikitten

  • dropped Win9x support due to uncontrollable crashing
  • fixed some bugs in the installer ... /me should not work while tired

Thu Jul 25 by bonsaikitten

  • a package-building script is available
  • it uses cygwin packages!

Sun Jul 20 by bonsaikitten

  • Merged with holgis source. Needs more testing.
  • Merge seems to be stable, testing ebuilds
  • merged files point to ../../file.exe when file existed before ... unlink-bug??

Thu Jul 17 by bonsaikitten

  • modifying all calls looks promising. Work in progress
  • chrooted environment is very buggy in cygwin. Experiment stopped.
  • Gentoo distcc is modified in unforeseen ways. Testing will take more time :-(

Sun Jul 13 by bonsaikitten

  • experimenting with a chrooted environment
  • distcc and ccache testing, default install not 100% compatible with portage
  • begun implementation of path normalization

Thu Jul 10 by toso

  • bonsaikitten changed his age today, send him some good wishes

Wed Jul 9 by bonsaikitten

  • changed to new layout by Ronald van den Blink
  • added Stuart Turner as tester

Tue Jul 8 by bonsaikitten:

  • smashed some bugs. Again. Should use some stable version control thingy.
  • put modified make.conf in. Now /usr/portage-cyg is overlay directory for hacked ebuilds
  • started adding "cygwin" to all stable ebuilds
  • added link to cygwin port list
  • put some more links on fromt page
  • did not think about red giant kangaroos Mon Jul 7 by bonsaikitten:
  • bugfixed installscript
  • added warnings to install.html
  • added /etc/make.profile/ directory with patched content
  • enyojed mention of Gentoo/Cygwin in the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
  • changed to portage-overlay for fixed ebuilds.
  • emerge/unmerge functionality again b0rked
  • hacked some parts from portage ebuild into
  • TODO: modify changelogs of modified ebuilds
  • TODO: Find "package-merges-but-dissapears" bugs (e.g. sed)
Sun Jul 6 by bonsaikitten:
  • added prot as tester
  • changed layout to frames
  • added mplayer and openoffice to the front page
  • created changelog
  • created installscript and updated

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